And my specialist subject is…

Pound coins

A good transcriber will happily take on a file in any subject area, but if you press us, nearly all of us will confess to having one area that we prefer working with.

For me, it’s business and finance, both personal and corporate. I have a number of clients in this area now and this week has seen me typing and proofreading files on pensions, actuaries, private equity and financial advice for high-net-worth individuals. Because I’m familiar with the terminology used by the speakers, I can spot when a SSAS (Small Self Administered Scheme, a pension fund) should be a SAAS (Software As A Service) or a DC (Defined Contribution) should be a DB (Defined Benefit) or even a VC (Venture Capital).

Of course, every professional transcriber worth their salt will use search engines to try and track down any term they’re not familiar with, but a subject matter specialist will do it that little bit faster and more accurately and save you having to work back through the transcript filling in the blanks.