Don’t write it – record it

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Can you type faster than you talk?

With normal conversational speed of speech running at around 150 words a minute, it’s unlikely – I type for a living and I’m currently somewhere around the 105wpm mark.

Journalists have been way ahead of the curve for years on this, understanding that it’s far easier to give your full attention to your interviewee if you record what they say and simply jot down the odd note to remind you of a follow-up question you might want to slip in later on in the interview.  Needless to say, they’ve taken to the latest generation of recording devices like ducks to water – see here for a great article on five fab apps to record interviews with.

But it’s not just journalists who can benefit from the dictaphone we all now carry around in our back pockets (yes, I’m talking about your smartphone – most of them have a recording or voice memo app installed on them as a default).  Although the word ‘dictation’ might summon up an old-fashioned image of a boss and secretary, it can save today’s hectic entrepreneurs a huge amount of time.

Want to get a memo to your team or make yourself a to-do list while you’re dashing between meetings?  Instead of trying to type with your thumbs on the Tube (and wondering what language your auto-correct thinks you’re trying to type in), simply record the whole thing in a minute or two on your phone and then send it off to your nearest friendly transcriptionist.  Easy peasy.