Feeling the love – the testimonials page


‘I do hope you’re putting all of these on your testimonials page,’ said a friend of mine, when I happily shared the latest piece of glowing feedback from a client on Facebook.

My what?

It simply hadn’t occurred to me to put the lovely things people have said about my work up on this website, something I’ve now rectified on my brand new Testimonials page.

Transcription can be quite an isolated job – I often joke that the only people I talk to are the voices in my head! – and knowing that someone, somewhere has thought enough of my work to take a few minutes out of their busy day to rattle off an email to say thank you, gives me an incredible buzz.  And when I’m rewinding audio for the seventh time trying to make out that one missing word through an overlay of mobile phone interference on a bad Skype line, I can just load up that page and remind myself that I’m appreciated.

So please have a quick look at what people have been kind enough to say about my work – I’ll be adding more as I go back through my emails and find them – and if you have a transcriber or virtual assistant or any other support staff who makes your life easier, why not take a moment to tell them how much you value them today?