Good evening, here is the news


Well, ‘news’ might be a bit optimistic; after all, transcription doesn’t get mentioned in the headlines all that often. I wanted to have a section on the website where I could post useful things for people wanting to use a transcriptionist’s services for the first time, useful things for people wanting to become a transcriber and useful things for people running one-person admin businesses from home. There’ll also be the occasional update on how things are going here at Speedy Typing.

So, I’ll start with a quick ‘how I ended up here’ post. Twenty-one years ago my mother had the foresight to send me on a secretarial course at the end of my first year of university, so I could go temping in the holidays and earn some spending money. Computers were just coming in – it was WordPerfect and 5.25″ floppies all the way – but the college only had three machines and those were reserved for those of us doing the Pitman Word Processing exams, so I learned to touch-type on an electronic typewriter (endless days of bashing out ‘a jaffa salad’) and to audio type (as transcription used to be called) with a tape machine and foot pedal.

Fast-forward to 2007 and a friend mentioned that she’d been doing some transcription for the university she worked at, but didn’t have time any more and would I like to take it over? Since I’d left my job the year before to start my own business and needed some extra cash, I said yes and ended up transcribing for Departments of Education in various UK universities as my name got passed around, plus the occasional round-table discussion for Shares Magazine as a bit of a diversion.

I stopped for a couple of years when the business I’d started went through a growth spurt, but have decided that I much prefer the transcription work, so am now in the process of closing down my other business in order to concentrate solely on this. As well as transcribing, I also proofread, edit and write, so with a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck, I’m aiming to completely replace the income I was taking out of the business.

Time to get typing!