Full Transcription

A standard full transcription service, available in both Intelligent and Full Verbatim. Your audio will be turned into a professionally typed, researched and proof-read Word document, time-stamped every ten minutes.

‘Normal’ transcription is Intelligent Verbatim. All ums, ahs and ers, false starts and repetitions are removed and any grammatical errors made by the speakers are corrected. A paragraph of Intelligent Verbatim might read something like this:

It was only after I tried applying for a credit card again and got turned down that I realised there might be a problem with my credit report. I applied to Experian, Equifax and-, what’s the other one? I can’t remember. Oh yes, CallCredit, and when I got the reports through I found that my ex had taken out three loans in my name and hadn’t made any of the repayments.

Full Verbatim is a record of everything that comes out of the speaker’s mouth exactly as they say it. The paragraph above typed in Full Verbatim might look like this:

I had a-, it, it was only after I, um, tried applying for the Tesco-, for a credit card again and got turned down that I, um, realised there might be a, a, a problem with my, ah, credit report. I, I applied to, er, um, Experian, Eq-, Equi-, um, Equifax and, um, which-, who-, what’s the other one? I think-, I can’t remember. Um. Oh yeah, Call, er, Credit, and when, like, I got the, ah, reports through I, I, I, I found that my, um, ex had taken out, like, three, um, loans in my name and, and hadn’t made a single-, any of the repayments.

Pricing for one to three speakers is 83.3p per audio minute/£50 per audio hour. For four or more speakers, 93.3p per audio minute/£56 per audio hour. If you require Full Verbatim, please add 10p per minute. The standard turnaround time is two working days.

All prices assume that the audio is of at least moderately good quality. Poor-quality recordings or audio with significant background noise will attract a surcharge of 5p per minute on all services. If you’re unsure whether or not your audio will attract a surcharge, please email me a sample and I will be happy to take a listen and advise accordingly.