Remedial Transcription

Have you had a disaster with another transcription service? Then this rescue service for mangled typescripts is for you. I can quickly turn your transcript back into flowing, coherent English.

Although it would be wonderful if everyone offering transcription turned out accurate, fluent, researched files, sadly that’s often not the case, particularly with overseas services where typists may struggle with UK accents or idiomatic English. If you’ve received text back that bears little resemblance to the original, then send me the audio and the transcript and let me sort it out for you.

The remedial transcription service is available for Full Verbatim, Intelligent Verbatim and Summary files.

Intelligent Verbatim Remedial for one to three speakers is priced at 58.3p per audio minute/£35 per audio hour. For four or more speakers, 66.6p per audio minute/£40 per audio hour. If you require Full Verbatim Remedial, please add 10p per minute.

Summary Remedial for one to three speakers is priced at 33.3p per audio minute/£20 per audio hour. For four or more speakers, 43.3p per audio minute/£26 per audio hour.

All prices assume that the audio is of at least moderately good quality. Poor-quality recordings or audio with significant background noise will attract a surcharge of 5p per minute on all services. If you’re unsure whether or not your audio will attract a surcharge, please email me a sample and I will be happy to take a listen and advise accordingly. Standard turnaround time is two working days.